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CES 2014Before I explain about the subject of this post. I just like to make sure you know that MyEyesOnIris posted that at CES 2014 Lowe’s Iris will introduce a whole-home water shutoff valve, and a sonic water flow meter to measure and monitor water usage in the home and sense a pipe leak before it becomes a flood. This information was released from a site called ShellyPalmer where they have a audio clip that sounds like advertisement for Iris.

Now going back to the subject title of this post. Which started with me finding about the news regarding Iris at CES. For those who follow this blog would know by now that I’m on the hunt to find out who is the supplier of this shutoff value, and water flow meter, but while on this search I was able to find a interesting power point presentation from caba.org. (Continental Automated Building Association)  

The link I have found at caba.org is the following.

I particularly like slide 4 which shows all the products they have already envision to be in the future for Iris like EV charging for cars, connecting to appliances like fridges, washers/dryers and even working with solar panels.

I’m not going to discuss further about the power point and encourage you to review the slide deck and comment on what you think about it.