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As most of you may have experienced since last December, there has been outages and hubs turning unresponsive. Lowe’s management acknowledges this and has expressed that this hasn’t been one of their finest moments.

From what I have seen, customers are able to return their system back to the local stores without much issues. Also recently people have started receiving emails regarding $25 gift card regarding the recent outages and issues trying to reach support. 

===Sample Email====
Dear Iris Customer,

Thank you for contacting the Iris Support Team.

We apologize for any difficulty you may have had reaching us or for any recent service issue. We have been dealing with higher than normal call volumes as a result of a temporary system issue impacting certain customers and have been diligently working with our partners to restore your service as soon as possible. We recognize that this experience may have been frustrating, and in appreciation for your continued patience and support of Iris, we will be mailing you a $25 Lowe’s gift card. This gift card will be mailed to the address on file in your Iris account.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused you or your family.

If you need additional assistance or have other questions, please contact us at 1-855-469-4747.

Thank You,
Iris Support Team

Besides the above examples, I’ve recently connected with an executive for Lowe’s Iris and will have a different channel to discuss some of the ongoing issues and hopefully make some improvements in the future.

So please feel free to comment on this blog post regarding issues and suggestions you may have or if you don’t like to supply an email address then please just fill out this form below.

===Issues/Suggestion Form====


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I’ll make sure to mention your experience regarding exchange and support.