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Hub update 4.00r25

A new update for the Iris hub has been released today for version 4.00r25.

If you haven’t already logged into the web portal you’ll notice the following message on what’s new for this version.

Iris Login Popup for hub update 4.00r25Here’s the run down on what I’ve found.

First this update isn’t just for the hub but also include upgrades for the range extenders and smart plug. 

Range Extender Upgrade1

Smart Plug Upgrade1

To upgrade these devices you’ll need to perform upgrades individually for each one.

To do this please go to the tab for “Devices” and you’ll see the message for “Upgrade available” for each one that can be upgraded.  You just have to click on the button for “Manage” to start the process.

These updates were to improve performance and hopefully addresses issues for users like myke500 regarding the range extender. Myke500 Comment for range extender issue

(Myke500 let us know if this upgrade helped resolved your issue!)

Now for the three new products listed on the site for devices to add.

1) Irrigation Controller (Coming Soon) :

Irrigation Controller

2) Hose End Controller:

Hose End Controller

3) Garage Door Sensor (Coming soon): Garage Door Sensor

All three items are not listed on Lowes.com at this moment, however I do have news that the Hose End Controller hopefully be available at some Lowe’s stores by the end of the month. So if you found one please let us know!

The last item on the list was regarding the Mobile App Updates.

At this time there isn’t any update for either Apple iPhone or Google Android. We have to assume these updates have been submitted and we’re just waiting for the software to go through the approval process for each store.  

That’s all I have for now. If you notice anything regarding this update please feel free to comment and let us know what you think. Thank you!