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Hopefully most of you already know the Iris app version 1.8.1 is out there and is ready for you to update.

The released date for Apple was on March 24, 2014, while Android play store released it sooner on March 14, 2014.

iPhone App update for 1.8.1

Here’s are the two quick things I’ve noticed.

1) You can enable or disable voice control now under settings.
iPhone Settings

2) You may have already know when trying to click on irrigation option it would bring you to the lowes.com/iris page, but for a brief period I was able to see the interface but can’t get it back after closeing out from the app.

iphone irrigation

If you notice anything else please feel free to comment below.

***update 3/29***

Thanks to jamesisenberg comment below this is what the display would look like when the device is active.

Irrigation App demo