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A master thief's home-security tipsWalter T. Shaw – a one-time member of the Dinner Set Gang, the most infamous burglary ring in America – recently told MSN Money there’s never been a home he couldn’t get into.  “There are weak spots everywhere,” he says.

But Shaw, a retired professional burglar who was never caught in the act but served 11 years in prison after a member of his gang turned him in, says a few tweaks here and changes there will fortify your fortress, making it much harder for burglars to get in.

Shaw, now in his 60s and a co-author of the book “A License to Steal” is sharing his secrets.

Find out how the man who says he knocked off more than 2,200 homes, including those of Liberace and the Firestone family, says you can keep crooks from paying you a visit.

Stop blabbing

“Americans tend to tell everyone they’re going on vacation, a weekend getaway or a…

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