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HBBugSo with all these news going around about the Heartbleed bug regarding SSL certification. I wanted to know how secure was irissmarthome.com.

So here’s what I’ve found when I used Qualys Scans which seems to have the most comprehensive scanning I’ve found online regarding SSL scans.

But first I didn’t just want to see if irissmarthome.com is just secure. I wanted it to compare it to other online sites. So what better then to compare it to then online banks.

Well the good news is that all of the sites I’ve scanned were not found to be vulnerable for the heartbleed bug, but I did find 2 banks with an F rating for other vulnerabilities but I didn’t want to list them here to highlight the problem.

So here’s are just some of the scan results I’ve have.

Chase SSL Report


Iris SSL Report

PNC SSL Report

Besides scanning I also did check with Iris and this is the response I’ve received.

“We have already ensured that all Iris servers are either unaffected by this flaw, or have been patched with the latest security updates.  We have no evidence of malicious activity occurring.”

However if it makes you feel any better you may just want to update your passwords anyway.