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For those who doesn’t know, here are the current Iris account levels.

All Access Level

Account holder: This is the owner of the Iris system and has access to everything.

Read-write: Allow access to pretty much everything except for the account holder and contact information, but is allowed to change a contact messaging preference.

Read only: You can only have read access for the web and mobile interface except there are options to provide permission to set and cancel alarm and access to cameras.

PIN and Alerts Only: This account has no access to the web and mobile interface.

While discussing this with another Iris user who finds there are limitations to this where he’s can’t restrict his roommate access to his room lights while allowing control to everything else in the home.   

Even though these access level works for me now. I can understand his concern because later when my son gets older, do I allow him to have read-write access which risk the chance of him changing something by mistake. I may want him to have access to the lights or thermostats but he doesn’t need to touch the faucet water timer.

I haven’t seen many people mention about account rights on other smart home devices, besides one bad review of a competitor where it was stated it only allows one account per hub.

As we rely more on these connected devices we also need to start thinking not just about protecting yourself from the outside but we need to consider security on the inside too.

What do you think?

Are these account levels sufficient for you?