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Sorry for being one day late on choosing the following 10 submissions for this contest, I’ll also delay the result by one day so the winner will be selected on May 1.

Please note the method of selection was comprised of getting feedback from others and we pick the following either by popularity or usefulness of the feature. If you’re wondering why we didn’t select your submission it’s either because we chose the one with the earlier entry date and time, or one with the most complete solution.

I hope you all participate and good luck to all who’s listed below. 

Name: Chuck
State: Pennsylvania

Smart doorbell
I’d like to see Lowe’s integrate Iris with DoorBot or develop a similar doorbell product that allows for an integrated doorbell with video and 2 way audio communication. If you have a deadbolt or door lock integrated with Iris, you should then be able to associate the doorbell to the lock on that door to allow for one-touch access to unlock the door from the smartphone app or the web interface. As an added bonus, I’d like to see a magic rule that would allow you to configure the video stream and audio to be recorded for a user defined period of time when the doorbell is activated.

Name: John
State: Missouri

Iris should build geofencing into their mobile applications.
Give it granularity as well so at different distances certain things can happen.

For example:
1. Set your home and work location.
2. When you leave your work location, set the thermostat to the home mode temperature.
3. When a few miles away, turn on outdoor lights between dark hours.
4. When closer, turn the alarm off.
5. When closer still, open the garage door or unlock the front door.

Name: Joseph
State: Oregon

I would also like iris to be able to provide disaster warnings (local fires, tornadoes, Tsunamis, hurricanes) based on zip code. This disaster warning would trigger the alarm system (Keypad alarm, Smart hub, External Alarms, etc..) and send call and text evacuation notifications to all of the saved contacts of the system. This feature could possibly save lives.

Name: Joel 
State: arizona

Local connect – ability to connect your device with the mobile app directly to the hub when on the same lan giving direct high speed access to the hub and (hopefully) cutting down on the annoying delay between issuing a command and the command being executed.

Name: Christopher
State: MD

I’ve seen a lot of people out there wanting different magic rules for the various home modes.

I think it would be a great improvement to allow you to choose which modes you want the magic item to run in, and for us advanced users, an advanced magic page that would allow the creation of drag and drop boolean expressions to cause an alarm or send a message or control anything.

Name: MARK
State: Pennsylvania

To control the nest thermostat

Name: David
State: indiana

Put microphones and speakers in all of the small around the house devices (range extender, motion sensor, smart plug, etc) which connect to an iris server so you can connect with Iris over voice commands.

Name: Joey
State: Florida

Iris should integrate with a OB2 Vehicle Computer Scanner manufacturer to allow for leaving a scanner attached to your vehicle that connects to iris to report vehicle diagnostics when in the garage. The user would then be able to detect issues with their vehicle as soon as it is detected.

Name: myke500
State: NV – Nevada

Provide integration/support with bRight Switch (http://www.getbrightswitch.com/)

Name: Harry
State: Florida

A “Magic” enhancement to set an alarm mode at a particular time of day.
When I awake in my easy chair at 11PM and wander off to bed, I don’t always remember to set the alarm.