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AEOTEC Meter Reader


I recently find this video from CES 2014 but it seems to be in a different setting then all the other videos I’ve seen for the event. At this section of the video Kevin Meagher was introducing the section for Iris regarding energy monitoring and also explained a little bit about the smart energy meter connecting to a USB stick where we had found on lowes.com but was recently taken down.

AEOTECH productsKevin however didn’t mention about the product right next the smart energy meter where it’s also a meter reader but from AEOTEC.COM.

AEOTEC creates other Z-Wave products, like the Z-Wave enabled LED light bulbs, recessed door sensor, and power strips. I’ve tried to find a better image of AEOTEC meter reader but it seems the best one I’ve found was on a video for AEON Labs (prior to their name change to AEOTEC) where they have gave a little description and close up of the meter reader.