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6-2-2014 2-45-13 PM


Thanks to Jeff who notified me that the tilt sensor is available online today and also provided the following two general promotion codes which can be used for additional discounts!
  • 10% Off total : 470000000024860
  • $10 off $50: 47000RRRRR0663R

***Update 6/2/2014 5:35pm ***

The link now shows the previous price of $30 and it’s unavailable for order now. 😦
I’ve purchased 2 and this afternoon and it’s still in process. I wonder what happen and will let you know if my order actually ships.

NYCE Unavailable 6-2

order in process

**Update 6/3/2014 9:30am**

It looks like the price is back now at $39.97 since yesterday, and I just got the email to update me that the tilt sensor was shipped. I’m kind of surprised how quickly it sold out.

NYCE Tilt price back

tilt sensor shipped