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Garage Door controller Check out the forum and you’ll notice our user redmosquito and others had spotted and purchased the Iris garage door controllers. The item number for the garage door controller is #589237 and the correct price is actually $99.99 and not odd price $96.36 listed on the picture.

It also seems that this item number is not searchable at lowes.com so you can’t purchase it online now, but if you call your local store and ask for the item number you just might be lucky enough to find that it’s in stock already.

For further development on the garage door controller, check out the forum by clicking on the link below and hopefully we get to find out more about the installation experience and any magic rules that are associated to the device.


So I took a trip to my friendly neighborhood Lowes store last night to pick up some home improvement type things and as always took a quick peek at the Iris display to see if anything was new or different, plus I wanted to see the pet door in person. Much to my surprise I spotted the garage door controller that I have been scouring the Lowes.com website for daily. I snatched it up quickly as there was someone else looking at the display as well and this was the last one – this was one of my original wish list items so you can imagine my joy – the purchase price was $96.36 without tax. I did not have a chance to install the device yet but did unbox it when I got home and I can confirm it comes with its own tilt sensor so the other one floating around will not be needed.

More details to come after the install.