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Hub update Version 4.02r05

I’m assuming most of you already know there was a hub update in the morning of 9/2 and normally I would try to be one of the first to upgrade and post what’s new, but it seems the upgrade wasn’t available to me in the early morning and I finally just getting a chance to post this now after getting everyone to bed.

So what’s new with this version?

Well besides the general statement about performance enhancement and bug fixes. You should notice on the device page that there’s an extra “AO Smith Water Heater” listed as coming soon.

AO Smith InstallAO Smith Water Heater is the Wi-Fi device which will allow you to connect Iris to a line of energy smart electric water heater that are available since 2011. From playing with the setting under test drive mode on the iPhone, it seems you can set the water heater to the following three settings. Schedule, hold and the option for “Energy Smart” mode.

Glass Break and Water Shut-offI would really like to tell you when this water heater module is available for sale but I don’t have that information. However I can mention to you that the glass break sensor and water shut-off valve which were introduced from the last hub update will be for sale around October.

That’s it for now. If you notice something different about this hub update please feel free to comment on this post to let everyone else know. Thanks!