For those who are into personal productivity. You may know that one of the ways is to dump everything from your mind to a list so you can clear your head and concentrate on your most important task. This is done so you don’t have constantly worry about remembering your to-do list.

Amazon Alexa already has a shopping/to-do list with in its app however my wife and I already use a app called Wunderlist, and rather not to use two apps for our to-dos. We prefer to use the Wunderlist app because it allows us to comment, add pictures, and share specific to do lists with each other. For example, we can share specific task list called “Groceries & Errands” where we can assign specific task for each other, and exchange comments in near real time and it’s also in context for the specific task so there’s less confusion.

To do this I utilize the following which I believe is simple to do but let me know if you more specific steps.

1) Alexa Echo
2) IFTTT (
3) Gmail to
4) Wunderlist ( and their blog post on the mail to Wunderlist feature.

There is however a manual cleanup process I go through as the Alex app will not delete or check off the items which has been emailed out. This is why I would occasionally go to the Alexa app and check off all shopping & to-do list as they are never touched. I’m not sure if it will cause an issue if you allow this list to grow but I don’t find it too cumbersome to check each item off and delete them whenever I’m in the Alexa app which is not very often.

Wunderlist is the app we personally used but this can be done for any app which accepts emails to task or an application that can perform direct integration with IFTTT which I’ve found the following three can be done directly.