On April 11 2013 my family home got burglarized and our large flat screen and some small jewelry were stolen. It was upsetting not because that they took some pretty valuable items, it was more so that strangers went through our possessions.

You can just imagine all the “what-if” situations we came up with and we conclude that we needed to make sure our personal safety is more important than anything else.

This started the searched for a security system. Considered many of our neighbors and even the police detective mentioning he has ADT was very convincing to just get what’s popular, but the reviews online was really disturbing. The no trial offers and their three year contract would also auto renews every year was example of bad practices/policies.

Searching for a solution I’ve found Lowes’s Iris. I like the idea of a store where they offer a system that I can just buy off the shelf. Their monthly payments seems reasonable compare to other systems. Also Iris wasn’t just a security system but also a home automation platform. This is where my journey starts and I like to see where it would lead to.

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