Next Market Insights Webinar with VP & GM of Lowe’s Smart Home and CEO of Zonoff


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Nex Market Webinar

If you’re interested on how Lowe’s Iris and Staples Connect create a scalable product and services for the Internet of things. Then you may not want to miss this webinar from Next Market Insight on October 30th at 10am PDT (12pm CDT / 1pm EDT)

To sign up go to the following link:

Subject: Creating Scalable Consumer Products & Services in the Internet of Things Era

Format: Roundtable conversation, with host/moderator.

Mike Harris – CEO, Zonoff
Kevin Meagher – VP & GM of Smart Home, Lowe’s
Moderator – Michael Wolf

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Beta Program for Blueline Innovations


Just sharing from the forum that there’s a beta program which you may apply to join from Blueline Innovation for a new meter reader they are testing that will also work with iris. You may apply by going to the following link {removed}, and I’ve also did verify as of last week that they are still looking for testers. Good luck.

**Update 10/8/2014 2:29pm**

I got word they fill their requirements and is not accepting anymore applications. Thanks for those who applied!

Iris hub update version 4.02r05


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Hub update Version 4.02r05

I’m assuming most of you already know there was a hub update in the morning of 9/2 and normally I would try to be one of the first to upgrade and post what’s new, but it seems the upgrade wasn’t available to me in the early morning and I finally just getting a chance to post this now after getting everyone to bed.

So what’s new with this version?

Well besides the general statement about performance enhancement and bug fixes. You should notice on the device page that there’s an extra “AO Smith Water Heater” listed as coming soon.

AO Smith InstallAO Smith Water Heater is the Wi-Fi device which will allow you to connect Iris to a line of energy smart electric water heater that are available since 2011. From playing with the setting under test drive mode on the iPhone, it seems you can set the water heater to the following three settings. Schedule, hold and the option for “Energy Smart” mode.

Glass Break and Water Shut-offI would really like to tell you when this water heater module is available for sale but I don’t have that information. However I can mention to you that the glass break sensor and water shut-off valve which were introduced from the last hub update will be for sale around October.

That’s it for now. If you notice something different about this hub update please feel free to comment on this post to let everyone else know. Thanks!

Plus one under Iris

Please welcome Aidan who has been living with Iris for almost a month now. 🙂


Aidan like to say waaaaaaaah! (Baby to English translation: Hello!)

Mom is doing fine.
Dad got diaper duty so he’s not doing so well, and will be submitting a feature enhancement for Iris.
Big brother thinks Aidan is slowing him down from catching his Pokemon.

Iris App Updates July 2014


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Apple App Screen Shots
Today the Apple Iris App was updated to version 1.9.10 and it looks like they freshened up the screen shots on the App Store.

Here’s the description under what’s new for Version 1.9.10:

*Garage Door Controller can provide peace of mind by knowing that your garage door is closed and secure. Now you can open and close your garage door with ease, even if you are not home!
*Yale® Real Living™ locks are now in the “Works with Iris” family.
*Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
*This release also adds functionality to Iris in preparation for future product launches.


The most interesting part of this update was in Test Drive mode, where you can see how the new water heater feature works, and there’s also new battery status indicator.


On the Android front they seems to have a more interesting time where it was update twice for this month. Once on July 22 for version 1.9.10 and again on July 24 when users were reporting issues with controlling the thermostat.

Google Play Iris July App Update

Google Play Iris July App Whats New

I have to say that was a pretty fast turnaround time for a fix. Hopefully we’ll see more of these quick responses in the future.

Iris Hub Update Version 4.02r04


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Today a new update for the Iris hub has been released for version 4.02r04.

The what’s new page has been updated with the following PDF.


From the devices page you may see a few new items or removed label for “Coming soon”.


Interesting to note that Smart Meter Link & Smart Meter are listed with out the “Coming soon” label but it looks like the device is only available for the customers at Southern California Edison.